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Sheer Brilliance

I’ve purposely avoided making fun of Sarah Palin with the fear of being labeled a chauvinist, but this interview with Katie Couric was too good (or bad) to pass up…I’m a little late to the party, as this was shot 2 weeks ago.

Matt Damon also has funny things to say about Palin:

I totally agree; this was a total marketing ploy by the McCain campaign, and the consequences have begun to overshadow any perceived positive she initially brought to the table; she weakens the ticket through every interview (not that McCain is holding up to his end of the bargain either).

They also get to carry the baggage of the incumbent, as if they didn’t have enough already (both very easily stereotyped, McCain’s sole strength being that he knows how to conduct a war we can no longer afford, and Palin not having an apparent strength).


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August 30th:

Forget an introduction, I’ll just get right into it:

Now that some of the confusion has begun to settle as to why McCain picked the governor of Alaska as his running mate, the strategy behind his move is becoming clearer. That’s not to say it will work, in fact I think it will fail due to some false presumptions he is making about the American people. Even conservative media like FOX cannot help but point out the flaws in this decision.

She’s not Hilary Clinton: She’s against abortion, and is uncharismatic in my opinion (maybe its that Minnesota-like accent which is putting me off). It’s also pretty discouraging that McCain feels the need to differentiate himself by taking someone as his VP, who on her own, would not be prepared to run this country should he die in office (not an unlikely scenario at his age).

Finally, I think a big reason he chose Palin, is that it will be easier for McCain to fulfill his agenda of offshore drilling in Alaska with the face of the target state in his cabinet.

Both candidates have opted to forgo taking a VP of true qualification, only to pick someone who they think achieves a better public image from a marketing standpoint. And that is what this election has come to. They are marketing themselves to the lowest common denominator, operating under the assumption that the majority of Americans would be too stupid to acknowledge a good candidate if they saw one. Maybe if McCain & Obama weren’t under a microscope for the past 2 years, they wouldn’t have to sacrifice a more viable ticket to cover their weaknesses which have become much too clear. It’s as if each of them has had to select their “better halves”, because neither of them is qualified to run this country on their own.

For a Nation that places such emphasis on talent, we sure seem pretty short of it in government.

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