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September 4th:

I’ve been meaning to find a chart which captures the cost of the Iraq war, since it has been one of the most searched topics on my blog for a while now…Well the guy at thebigpicture found one, and saved me some work/time:

Click for interactive chart:

It also compares the cost of prior wars in real terms (or discounting inflation). Notice that the Iraq war is approaching the cost of the Vietnam war in almost half of the time.

I am against this war for a multitude of reasons, but besides the usual world peace spiel, its a big strain on our economy. For one, I don’t think its healthy to have 9.6 trillion dollars of national debt (check out that US National Debt Clock website). Yes, this relentless national spending has served as a liquidity pump for the entire world. This has spurred investment, and perhaps allowed many emerging markets to develop…so, maybe they will continue to ignore our compounding debt!


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