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In an effort to avoid compliance issues as a summer analyst, I’ve decided to stop posting until my rotation is over on August 7th.


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An interesting graphic from Bespoke Investment Group:

Bespoke G7

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This is priceless:

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Design Changes

I got tired of the old blog template for a couple of reasons, but mainly because:

  1. There was very little you could do with it beyond writing posts, where this template allows me to embed things within my main pages…
  2. I liked the color scheme, but  lately I found that it was hurting my eyes.

I think this one is a lot cleaner, but I need to replace the picture I had before (since I cannot seem to replicate the green on this site, I may just collage a bunch of pictures/events from the past year…still in the process of figuring this out though).

The current picture is just like my old one, and is only temporary.

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and it’s not half bad either: thestreet.com employs Tim Brown, a pro football hall of famer and Heismann trophy winner, and Lenny “nails” Dykstra, who deals primarily with options. Brown gave a reasonable explanation as to why AT&T is a good buy, and Dykstra recently launched his own subscription service.

Brown has dealt exclusively with Blue Chip companies, which offer the most in terms of readily accessible information, but his articles have been rather short, and lacking in real analysis. He does look like he’s trying though;

In its last earnings call in April, AT&T said it hit its quarterly numbers while experiencing strong growth in its wireless, broadband and enterprise divisions. At the time, CEO Randall Stephenson said that “revenue growth continues to ramp, we have good momentum across key growth areas, major cost initiatives are on track, and our operational results reinforce the confidence we have in our outlook.”

Neither of these guys write poorly, which I found surprising particularly because Dykstra sounds like he had one too many concussions…but he probably has a good editor. I suppose his articles exhibit a good approach to options though, as he has done quite well as an investor.

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